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January 30, 2007
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Wedge -- 2007 Edition by wedgeprower Wedge -- 2007 Edition by wedgeprower
Wedge got a full redesign once again, though this time I went a bit further, and tried giving his hairdo a big change, to make it more... 3Dable. It can actually work in 3D now, so I guess it's a success as far as that goes.

Clothing-wise... It's basically the same old, made better, as usual. There's a definite PSU influence for the glowing clothing, but I could and should take it a step further. Still, overall the character's current design feels right to me.

I tried to do dual shading on this thing, but I guess it didn't work out too well. Ah well. I'm still proud of the colored inking, it's something that wasn't so tough to pull off, I just hadn't thought of how to do it 'til now. I'll probably use it more, it looks awesome.

I actually had serious problems with the BG. I just had no idea what to do with it, I wanted to draw something but nothing really felt like it fitted with Wedge... But this? The white and green, simplistic BG...? It might not look complicated or anything, but It has -style-. I like how it turned out if only for that reason.
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chocolateninja Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2007
Whoa. That roxxors soxxors.
robertoakes Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2007
As far as the design goes, it looks very nice. It's very detailed as usual, but it looks far cleaner and consistent than the older version in your gallery, without so many random details thrown in, like belts, bands, etc. This rendition also looks less childish, though I wonder if that was intended or it's a result of evolution in art style, since the previous design is considerably old.

There is no problem on a simplistic background for this kind of piece, and the style completes it. Something excessively complex would divert the focus from the character, which is clearly the priority here.
striker84 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I already saw this, but it's still pretty ace. It's not often I see a red and green design that I like, and you have pulled it off.

You're right, the background IS nice.
CassidyPeterson Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007  Hobbyist
It's a Wedgie! Dag yo, those is some crazy awesome clothes.
Dragon-Soldier Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007   Digital Artist
damn you and your shinyness Grid-man, damn it to hell.
chibibecca Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2007
shiny = good. o-o
chibibecca Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
i wish this stupid mac let me add faves. ;_;

glad you finally uploaded it, i've loved this picture for ages, the coloured lineart really helps set it off! ^^ lucky tablet user!
the background does work, but at the same time it seems to make the glow on his clothes seem a bit less. *shrug*

the 3-d hair is great, now you can draw him from any angle with no problems. ^^ *bats at his ponytail*
Impious-Imp Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
I like how the neons actually look like they're glowing.. you did a really good thing with that as well as expanding your ability with the cel shading technique.
whisperelmwood Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007
Chest fluff oo

This is bloody good. Now do Becca ^^

How did you do the coloured-line thing? I want to use that in my own stuff and I haven't figured it out yet.
wedgeprower Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
You make a copy of your "inks" layer, then you just use the Pencil or the Brush tools with Lighten selected as your tool option. Color in with whatever color works for whatever part of the body...
But that might cause some problems if your inking is done straight on the paper and then scanned, as the colors in the actual picture might blend in with your inks at some point, depending on layer options and the colors used and etc.
It works best when the inking is done entirely on the computer, as in doing so the layer is black & transparent, not black & white, so you'd just have to put that layer on top of the other layers that make up the character and voilą, completed.
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